Do Focale 44 products come with a warranty?
You can read our full warranty statement here: WARRANTY

I want to get Focale 44 products, but my LBS tells me it is not available. How can I get the bike or parts I want?
Some bike shops do not stock all Focale 44 bikes and products. You can always try and nicely ask your LBS to order the product for you.

Why are there no prices on your Website?
We do not quote retail prices, because the differ from country to country. Please contact your local distributor or LBS for your local prices.

What colors are available?
Focale 44 bikes and parts come in a huge variety of awesome colors. You’ll find the available colors in the product description.

Can I order Focale 44 bikes and product directly from you?
You can order Focale 44 products and parts from our local stores and distributors. Focale 44 does not sell parts directly.

Where can I get the latest catalog?
You can download our latest catalog here: Catalog link coming soon. Or you can ask your local dealer for a printed catalog.

Can you send me the specifications on my old Focale 44 bike? For specifications on earlier models of Focale 44 bikes please send a message with your frame number and detailed pictures to the following E-Mail address:

I ordered a Focale 44 bike online and I don’t know how to assemble it. How do I proceed?
Like many other bicycles Focale 44 bikes are delivered partly assembled. It is not possible to ship our bikes fully assembled at a reasonable rate or without huge environmental impact. To get the most out of your Focale 44 bike and to keep you safe and sound your bicycle should be assembled by a trained bike mechanic only. Check our dealer list to find a certified Focale 44 bike shop: DEALERS.
Where are Focale 44 bikes assembled?
Focale 44 bikes are made in high quality bike workshops in Taiwan. Only bike workshops meeting the high standards in quality, manufacturing and design are chose to produce the latest bikes for our collection. Focale 44 is visiting it’s factories regularly to ensure those standards are met.

Do you provide servicing for Focale 44 products?
Servicing of Focale 44 products is done by our certified Focale 44 bike shops which you can find here: DEALERS Please contact your closest dealer if your bike or part needs servicing and fixing. For warranty claims please see our warranty statement here: WARRANTY .

Can I test ride a Focale 44 bike before I place an order?
To test Focale 44 bikes please contact your closest Focale 44 dealer and ask if they have bikes on stock. If you are in Germany you can visit our flagship store SORE Bikes in Cologne which always has Focale 44 bikes to test.

How do I find the right size for frames, bikes and parts?
There are many tools online that offer advice on what frame sizes will fit you best. In general it is always best though to contact your local Focale 44 dealer to find the right size for you.

How can I contact Focale 44?
For contact information please see our imprint / Impressum or use our contact form.

Where do I find my bike’s serial number?
The serial number of your Focale 44 bike is located under the bottom bracket. To find it flip your bike over so that it’s resting on its handlebars and seat. The bottom bracket is the part where your right and left crank arm connect in the middle. Your crank arms are the pieces where your pedals are connected to.